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Dianathenerd Lmt, formerly known as Dopessays Lmt, is a fictitious company that operates and Social media pages indicate that they're located in New York, but there is no company by either name registered in the state.

Company story

Dianathenerd Lmt, formerly known as Dopessays Lmt, is a fictitious company that operates essay writing services to provide academic and business writing at an affordable price.

Dianathenerd Lmt is not a registered company

As of January 2020, the official Twitter account for Dianathenerd Lmt indicates the website is based in the United States, while on LinkedIn, the location is set to the Greater New York City Area. However, records for Dianathenerd Lmt cannot be found on the New York Secretary of State website, along with other companies registered in New York.

The contact and about sections on the company’s official website,, do not provide a contact address or clear indication of status as a legitimate company.

Name change from Dopessays Lmt to Dianathenerd Lmt

Before operating as Dianathenerd Lmt, the essay writing entity was known as Dopessays Lmt. 

As of January 2020, the social media links on lead to the accounts of The money-back policy on mentions, while claims to manage the support chat on

Websites owned and services provided by Dianathenerd Lmt

Dianathenerd Lmt owns and operates at least two essay writing service websites: and and also have similar web designs, content, and logos. Additionally, both sites advertise a mobile app that doesn’t exist, and the links link to their respective homepages. 

Services provided by Dianathenerd Lmt. and advertise similar services such as article writing, content writing, Powerpoint design, essay writing, assignment writing, research paper writing, and academic writing.

Social media branding from India

According to a post on SlideShare, a digital marketing executive named Sayantani Banerjee created the social media marketing material for Dianathenerd Lmt. The portfolio displays over 30 pages of Banerjee’s designs and social media posts for Dianthenerd Lmt. The title of the project, “Diana the Nerd (Nigeria),” seems to allege Dianathenerd Lmt is based in Nigeria.

It’s unknown if a person or a company is behind Dianathenerd Lmt and its websites. suggests one person operates the site. Diana is not featured anywhere on the website as a founder or writer. As of January 2020, it is unknown if “Diana” is an alias or the first name of a real person. 

As of January 2020, the “Welcome to Our Site” section on the homepage of makes various statements in the first person: “I Write. A Whole Lot. I Also Read. Another Whole Lot. I Am A Perfectionist. I Am Keen. I Am Careful And I Am Hardworking. I Am A Graduate, A Nerd At That. I Also Design Powerpoints And I Do Them Well.” The FAQ on suggests visitors should choose their essay writing services “because she writes most of her papers herself, she’s able to offer very good prices.” 


There aren't any public records or insight into the operations of Dianathenerd Lmt. Information about the company's internal structure or how many people work in the company is not available to the general public.

2 Websites

The total number of writing service websites that Dianathenerd Lmt owns and operates is 2.


Type: Sole Proprietorship
Size: Unknown employees
Funding: Unknown
Founded: April, 2018


Dianathenerd Lmt
P.O. Box 0823-03411

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