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Before you buy writing services online, you need to do your homework to make sure the company is the real deal. We make that easy for you. For free.

WSR is a data company that happens to let people write and read online reviews about writing services. With our index of the best writing services for hire you can be sure that you're making an informed decision and avoiding bad actors.

Trust, but verify.

Did you know

It's incredibly easy for someone to register a domain name, get an online payments account, and start offering writing services. It costs about $100.00 to get started and with free software almost anybody can make a credible, nice-looking website.

Everybody wins. This is great!


What if the website you are trying to hire doesn't treat customers well or doesn't actually provide what they say they will? If the website advertises American writers or guaranteed on-time delivery, how can you really know they are going to deliver on that? Unfortunately, it's difficult to know unless you have gone through the website, looked up the company that owns it, and reviewed the background of the people who work there.

Reviews are not enough anymore

Did you know that business owners can buy fake reviews from real people, skewing their online ratings on websites like SiteJabber, Facebook, and even Google? Review vendors like TrustPilot say they screen out fake reviews, but the truth is that they get too many to properly do a good job of screening.

Even if 2% of the reviews are fake, those reviews may be the reason that you choose to buy writing services from a website you found online.

What can be done about this?

Writing Service Reviews (WSR) is a small review website focused on a small industry. Focusing on small things gives us big advantages:

  • We know about every writing service (there aren't that many)
  • We have the time and energy to thoroughly research them
  • We can manually verify every review to ensure it's real
  • We use data and AI to tell you things you won't find anywhere else

We can only do this because we have a tiny, narrow focus. That's why we started WSR--to educate other potential customers so they can make more informed decisions about who they are paying to get something written.