Introduction provides proofreading and editing services in American English on behalf of Proofed, Inc.

Full story provides proofreading and editing services in American English to authors, businesses, professionals, and students. This website was started in 2018 by Proof Inc to edit documents in American English. GetProofed is the US sister site of the UK’s and Australia’s; all three websites provide the same services, using the same writers, but in different English dialects. is the Chinese-language sister site of the Proofed Inc websites. According to Proofed, they’re trusted globally by Harvard University, Philips, Samsung, the University of Pennsylvania, and the University of Southern California.


Proofed Inc is home to over 100 editors. We reached out to the GetProofed team, and they clarified the 100+ editors are shared between all the sister sites.

Pricing charges a fixed rate per word for proofreading and an additional cost for optional editing, formatting, and express services. 

The fixed price for proofreading documents with less than 2,000 words is $25 with every additional 100 words costing between $2-3 more.

Editing is an optional service; the price starts at $10 for documents with less than 1,000 words. The cost of editing increases by $1 for every additional 100-200 words.

Formatting is an optional service; the price starts at $5 for less than 1,000 words and approximately $1-3 for every additional 100 words. If you would like your document formatted without proofreading, email GetProofed directly.

Traditional next day delivery is free; the optional express services offer two different expedited delivery methods with variable pricing and delivery time based on the word count of the document.

Services provides editing, formatting, proofreading, and free proofreading samples.

The GetProofed proofreading service includes a grammar, punctuation, and spelling check. The proofreader will improve readability by enhancing word choice, correcting tense use, identifying sentences in need of additional clarity, and ensuring references follow the style guidelines.

The GetProofed editing service provides an additional, more comprehensive, content-focused review. The editor removes factual errors, clarifies ambiguous passages, eliminates irrelevant content, ensure the document flows smoothly and reorganizes text where needed. The editor can edit in adherence to a specific style guide.

The GetProofed formatting service makes formats documents based on your exact requirements provided after checkout. Editors can create a cover page, dynamic tables of contents and diagrams, format headers, footers, titles, subtitles and text, label charts, tables and figures, and number your pages. 

GetProofed lets clients try their proofreading services for free; clients can upload a 500-word sample and get a sample proofreading.

The GetProofed Next-Day Guarantee promises any document under 10,000 words in 24 hours.

Snapshot provides editing, formatting, proofreading, and free proofreading samples in American English.

  • Active writers 101-200
  • Pricing Pricey
  • Accepted payment methods
    VISA, MasterCard, AMEX,


See what kinds of writing services this website offers.

Academic Essays, research papers, dissertations, school homework assignments, and more
Admissions Essays and written works that help you get into college
Business Blog posts, social media content, white papers, website copy, and other business-related documents
Technical Manuals and other field-specific documents

Refund policy

What happens if you are unhappy with writing services from and want your money back? We looked for a clear refund policy page and found the following.


Yes, this writing service has a refund policy.

"Proofed maintains a fair and simple refund policy. The first step in any refund request would be to email us at . From there, we will assess your request and will provide either a full refund, partial refund or account credit based on the nature of the refund request. We will look into issues with work product for 30 days from the point of completion. Cases outside of this will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis. Refunds will take five working days to process."

Published by on May 21, 2019

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Proofed Inc accepts all major credit/debit cards, AliPay, and WeChat Pay.


Proofed Inc. operates writing service websites in the US, UK, and Australia. This company uses the fictitious name Get Proofed because Proofed Inc. is unavailable for use when conducting business in New York State.


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