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Literarium Limited is a private limited company in the United Kingdom. It was incorporated on October 19, 2016.

Company story

Literarium Limited is a privately-held, limited liability company from the United Kingdom founded in London, England, in October 2016. The company number assigned to Literarium Limited by Companies House is 10435896; the company registration number is a unique combination of numbers used by the United Kingdom's registrar of companies, Companies House, to identify companies, such as Literarium Limited, and verify they are registered entities in the UK.

Current filing status and registered address

The Certificate of Incorporation of a Private Limited Company shows the initial filings took place on October 19, 2016, when Literarium Limited first incorporated as a private company limited by shares. The documents were given at Companies House, Cardiff, and named Leonid Liudorovskyi as the first Director.

According to Companies House, the EH02 form filed on December 8, 2017, demonstrates Literarium Limited elected to keep information about the Director(s)’s usual addresses on public registers instead of its own register.

On May 21, 2019, Literarium Limited filed an AD01 (ef) Change of Registered Office Address document to Companies House to change its registered office address from 35-37 Ludgate Hill Office 7 London EC4M 7JN United Kingdom to 2nd Floor, College House 17 King Edwards Road Ruislip London HA4 7AE.

Company ownership

Leonid Liudorovskyi was named the first and only Director of Literarium Limited when the company filed the Certificate of Incorporation of a Private Limited Company in October 2016. As the initial shareholder, he was declared the owner of 1000 shares valued in Great British Pounds (GBP) and the nominal value of each share is  £1. Liudorovskyi was born in May 1990 and is of Ukrainian nationality; according to the Initial Shareholdings document, he lived in London when he was named the Director of Literarium Limited.

Olga Amraie joins Literarium Limited as the new Director

On February 7, 2017, Olga Amraie was named as a Director of Literarium Limited. Amraie was born in April 1986 and is of Ukrainian nationality; according to the Appointment of Director document on Companies House, she was a resident of the United Kingdom when she was named the Director of Literarium Limited.

Leonid Liudorovskyi resigns from his role as director

Between April 2017 and May 2017, Literarium Limited filed two documents to Companies House: a Termination of a Director Appointment and a Confirmation Statement. On April 28, 2017, a Termination of a Director Appointment was filed when Leonid Liudorovskyi, the first Director of Literarium Limited, resigned from his role. The 1000 shares held by Leonid Liudorovskyi were transferred to Olga Amraie on May 5, 2017, through the Confirmation Statement.

Felix John Ogdon joins as the Managing Director

On October 29, 2018, Felix Alexander John Ogdon was appointed the Managing Director of Literarium Limited. Ogdon was born in February 1996 and is of British nationality; according to the Appointment of Director document on Companies House, he resided in Oxford, England, when he was named the Managing Director of Literarium Limited. 

Websites owned and services offered

Literarium Limited doesn’t have an official company website or social media pages. The private limited company owns and operates at least eight custom writing service websites. is one of Literarium Limited's most popular writing service.

Literarium Limited launched in December 2017, over a year after the company incorporated and it has become one of its most popular websites. According to a November 2019 snapshot from Ahrefs, an SEO tool used to analyze websites, had an Ahrefs Rank (AR) of 7,304; the AR shows the position of among all other websites in the Ahrefs database rated by the "strength" of their backlink profiles.

Writing services provided by Literarium Limited

Writing services owned and operated by Literarium Limited offer academic and business writing.

Academic writing services. Some of the academic services offered include essays, dissertations, solutions to questions and problems, admissions help, and miscellaneous homework assignments.

Business writing services. Some business services include content writing, graphic design, resume writing, and SEO.

Literarium Limited doesn't have an official website or LinkedIn account where they list their company officers or team members. The law in the United Kingdom requires companies to disclose appointed directors and shareholders publicly. Information about the directors of Literarium Limited can be found on the Companies House website.

When Literarium Limited was first founded, Leonid Liudorovskyi was appointed as the first Director of the company. Liudorovskyi eventually resigned from his role as Director and was replaced by Olga Amraie. Felix Alexander John Ogdon joined Amraie as a Director in 2018.


There aren't any public records or insight into the operations of Literarium Limited. Information about the company's internal structure or how many people work in the company is not available to the general public.


Type: Privately Held
Size: 2-10 employees
Funding: Unknown
Founded: October, 2016


Literarium Limited
17 King Edwards Rd
London HA4 7AE
United Kingdom

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