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MAFHH Network was a UK-based company that primarily offered software development services. Though their UK corporation was dissolved in 2013, they appear to still be actively providing a service and operate at least one academic writing service website.

Company story

MAFHH Network was registered as a Limited company in the UK in 2010 and dissolved in 2013 through what is called a voluntary strike-off, that is the company itself filed to be dissolved. The United Kingdom makes company records publicly available through their Companies House website, but as of February 2020 the MAFHH Network Ltd. records appear to no longer be available through this database and had to be acquired through private company record databases.

Despite the company's dissolution, its software development website and at least one academic writing service website are still operating as of February 2020.

Management of MAFHH Network

There were no publicly listed shareholders for MAFHH Network Ltd. and the only director listed was Touqeer Hussain. It is difficult to determine who else might have been involved in the operation of this company. According to records filed with the UK, Touqeer Hussain was the founder and sole director of the company for its officially registered lifespan.

Websites owned by MAFHH Network

The MAFHH Network website offers a variety of software development services. These include web development, app development for both android and iOS, and a general "business applications" service that is advertised as something that can be custom tailored to each customer.

At least one academic writing service website also appears to be owned by MAFHH Network Ltd. The website does not have an owner listed in their terms, but payments made to the Thesisbuddy website through PayPal are sent to MAFHH Network Ltd., as of February 2020.

The only person known to be involved with MAFHH Network is Touqeer Hussain. Touqeer was listed as the sole director of the company on publicly available corporate documents.


The headquarters for MAFHH Network Ltd. were located in Hounslow, UK. It is not known if the company had a physical business site or if this was just a mailing address. It is also not known if the company received any investment funding or what the structure of the company was.

Despite the company being dissolved in 2013, its website continues to operate as of February 2020.

1 Website

The total number of writing service websites that MAFHH Network Ltd owns and operates is 1.


Type: Privately Held
Size: 1 employees
Funding: Unknown
Founded: June, 2010


MAFHH Network Ltd
56 Kingsley Rd
Hounslow TW3 1QA
United Kingdom

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