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Marvel International Management Consultancies is a Dubai-based company that owns websites in the academic writing services field. There is very little public information available about this company due to business reporting practices in the United Arab Emirates.

Company story

Marvel International Management Consultancies was registered in Dubai in May 2017. Dubai public records do not require a company to disclose the purpose of the business, as is the case with business registries in many other nations. They also do not require that shareholders be listed publicly. The company does not maintain a public website or have a presence on social media.

People associated with Marvel International Management Consultancies

Because the company does not have a website with a team listed or an official social media account, it is difficult to identify people associated with the company.

As of January 2020, one person was found to have listed a position with Marvel International on their individual LinkedIn page: Abhishek Gupta indicated on his own LinkedIn that he has been the director of Marvel International since April 2017, a month before the company was officially incorporated.

The director listed on the corporate documents for Marvel International, available publicly on the Dubai company registry website, is Sashitosh Das, as of January 2020. Though Sashitosh does not list this position on his LinkedIn page, the most recent position that he does list ended in 2017, the year that Marvel International incorporated.

Websites owned by Marvel International Management Consultancies

Marvel International owns an academic writing services website called that has been active since 2009. It is not clear if the website was owned by the people who eventually created Marvel International, or if Marvel International acquired the website after they were incorporated. As of January 2020, the website offers 19 different versions of their site for different geographic locations.

The website indicates that their address is in New York, but payments made through PayPal are sent to Marvel International. It is not clear if there is a physical presence for the website in New York, but as of January 2020 there is a co-working office space, called The Farm SoHo, located at the address indicated on the website.

The only known directors of Marvel International Management Consultancies are Abhishek Gupta and Sashitosh Das. Abhishek has listed this position on his LinkedIn page as of January 2020, a position that he indicates began in April 2017 which is a month before the company incorporated. Sashitosh is listed as the director on the corporate documents for Marvel International, available publicly through the Dubai corporate registry website.


It is difficult to be sure how Marvel International is organized or what services they provide beyond their ownership of academic writing services websites. Because they do not have a public presence, either on a website of their own or on social media, their only known office is the one listed on their corporate documents, publicly available through the Dubai corporate registry.

1 Website

The total number of writing service websites that Marvel International Management Consultancies owns and operates is 1.


Type: Privately Held
Size: Unknown employees
Funding: Unknown
Founded: May, 2017


Marvel International Management Consultancies
Burjuman Business Tower, Office 2415
United Arab Emirates

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