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Precision Consulting, LLC is a statistical and educational consulting company with clients ranging from students to universities to corporations. They specifically indicate statistical analysis and expert testimony along with high-end academic consultation and editing services.

Company story

Precision Consulting, LLC is a privately-held, limited liability company that was registered in Delaware on September 20, 2011. As of November 2019, there are two physical addresses listed on the Precision Consulting website, one in New York, NY and one in Las Vegas, NV, though it does not appear that the company is registered in either of those states.

Because of corporate law in Delaware, there is no listed director or company address on the official incorporation documents for Precision Consulting. They were registered by Corporation Service Company, one of many such companies in Delaware that assist with corporate document filing. The only filings on record for Precision Consulting, as of July 2019, are the original registration document in 2011 and a Change of Agent filing in January 2019 that unfortunately includes no further details.

Company ownership

Since Delaware does not require corporate officers or equity ownership to be publicly disclosed for LLCs, there is no official record of ownership for Precision Consulting. However, the small executive team has had Clark Guo and Martin Barugel at its core throughout the company's entire timeline.

Based on how little public information there is, it appears that the Precision Consulting management team avoids a public image beyond the about pages listed on the Precision Consulting site. Clark Guo and Martin Barugel can be seen in the video that plays on the Precision Consulting home page, but otherwise there are no photos of the team members on the site.

Websites owned and services offered

The services offered by Precision Consulting have been virtually identical throughout its years of operation. Statistical analysis and consulting has always been at the core of the Precision Consulting services, as have dissertation assistance and academic editing. They also offer something they call SEET or Statistical and Economic Expert Testimony. The Precision site indicates that this service is intended to prepare companies, law firms, and government agencies to use statistical evidence in court cases.

Apart from its core website, it is likely that Precision Consulting also owned, another statistical consultation and dissertation assistance services website. This site had a virtually identical layout, service options, and a management team including Clark Guo, Martin Barugel, and Joanna Zeiger. (See a snapshot.)


Rebranding from Minimax Consulting LLC to Precision Consulting LLC

Extensive archived webpage evidence as well as reports from individuals on forums, discussed further below, suggests that Precision Consulting, LLC is a re-branded Minimax Consulting, LLC. Because the Precision Consulting website has changed over time and the Minimax Consulting site is now closed, the Wayback Machine internet archive has been used extensively and links are provided where citations are appropriate.

Minimax Consulting closed its operation after its founder and long-time CEO, Peter Chabot, became involved in fraud charges brought by the SEC. There were many design similarities between the two sites, they offered nearly identical services, and the management team for the new Precision Consulting included many of the same group that shuttered Minimax Consulting. This team included Anthony Santa Barbara, Peter Chabot's father-in-law. (See the old Minimax team and the new Precision team.)

Lack of evidence for Precision Consulting address and founding date

The Precision Consulting LinkedIn page, consulted in November 2019, also lists their founding year as 2006 which is the year that Minimax Consulting incorporated while Precision Consulting was registered as a company in 2011. Their LinkedIn page also lists them as being "the fastest growing firm in Rhode Island from 2006-2009." According to the filing history on their Delaware corporate documents as of July 2019, Precision Consulting listed its official address in Delaware when it incorporated in 2011 and no change of address has ever been filed. The earliest information available on the Precision site lists their offices in New York and Delaware, while Minimax Consulting was officially located in Rhode Island. (See a snapshot.)


Unresolved customer complaints on BBB. As of November 2019, Precision Consulting has declined to become accredited with the BBB, though they have received and responded to a number of complaints there. Reviews on the BBB and other review sites suggest that users often have difficulty getting in contact with the Precision Consulting team after money has been paid.

Criticism from forum groups. In addition to controversial reviews, Precision Consulting has attracted some direct criticism from its users in the form of a dedicated blog and a forum discussion, both drawing attention to the connection between Minimax and Precision.

Inc. 500 misrepresentation. On their LinkedIn page, checked November 2019, Precision Consulting indicates that they were named on the Inc. 500 list for 2010. However, they do not appear in the Inc. 500 list for that year.

Since its incorporation in 2011, Precision Consulting has been lead by Clark Guo as the CEO and Martin Barugel and the Chief Analytics Officer. The management team at Precision Consulting has shrunk and grown over time, beginning with five, shrinking to as few as two in 2017 and 2018. In November 2019, the about page on the Precision Consulting website lists 30 team members.


Based on the company's about page over time, it seems likely that Clark Guo and Martin Barugel have been the core of the operations at Precision Consulting from the beginning. For most of the company's operating history, they have only listed their executive level team members, but since mid-2019 they have listed a more extensive team including several non-executive positions.

2 Websites

The total number of writing service websites that Precision-Consulting-Firm LLC owns and operates is 2.


Type: Privately Held
Size: 11-50 employees
Funding: No
Founded: September, 2011


Precision-Consulting-Firm LLC
228 Park Ave S, #51462
New York, New York 10003
United States of America

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