Snapshot overview

TrendinEduWare Solutions is the name of a company possibly based in India, though no company by this name appears to be registered in India. A number of academic writing services website process their PayPal payments by this name, but it is difficult to be sure of many details about the company.

Company story

TrendinEduWare Solutions appears to be the name of a company that operates several academic writing services websites. The website of the same name,, advertises the address for the company's headquarters in India, but the online company registry for India does not list a company by this name as of February 2020.

TrendinEduWare Solutions or Fortunes Academic Group

Another name is sometimes found associated with sites that receive PayPal payments as TrendinEduWare; this other name is Fortunes Academic Group. Sites that list their owner as Fortunes Academic Group tend to list the same address as the one found on the website, but do not appear to receive PayPal payments under the Fortunes Academic Group name.

Ownership of TrendinEduWare Solutions

Because no official company records have been found for this company, it is difficult to be sure who owns or even works at TrendinEduWare. An extensive list of team members is provided on the website, primarily listing Chad Troutwine and Markus Moberg, founders of Veritas Prep, as the founders of TrendinEduWare.

When reviewed in February 2020, the TrendinEduWare team page bore a strong resemblance to the Veritas Prep team page. Also as of February 2020, two of the bios listed on the TrendinEduWare team page mention the name Veritas in their text.

Sites owned by TrendinEduWare Solutions

Though many of the sites owned by TrendinEduWare seem to have different owners or characteristics, there are a few factors that suggest a link. The three primary factors that suggest a site may be a part of the TrendinEduWare group are:

  • TrendinEduWare is indicated as the recipient of payments made through PayPal for the site.
  • Fortunes Academic Group is listed as the site owner.
  • The Nayaks Building address in Kasargod, India is listed as the site headquarters.

It is difficult to be sure who exactly owns or operates the sites in this group, but it seems very likely that they are connected.

The about page of the site indicates, as of February 2020, that the founders of the company are Chad Troutwine and Markus Moberg. The bio for Markus does not indicate if he is still involved in the company directly, but the bio for Chard indicates that he has remained active with TrendinEduWare over the years even as he has worked on other projects.


The only address listed for a TrendinEduWare office is in Kasargod, India. The site indicates that they are active in 8 countries, but there do not appear to be physical locations or regional websites associated with activity in these different countries. It is unknown if the company received any investment funding.


Type: Unknown
Size: 11-50 employees
Funding: Unknown
Founded: August, 2016


TrendinEduWare Solutions
Nayaks Rd, NAASCO Complex Rm 314-318
Kasargod 671121

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