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Tuterria Ltd. is a Cyprus-based company that owns and operates an academic writing and editing service website. The company was incorporated in early 2019 and does not have a public presence.

Company story

Tuterria Ltd. incorporated in Cyprus in 2019 as a private company. The aims of Tuterria, as indicated on the company's corporate documents which are available through the Republic of Cyprus website, are "general trade and more." There is no public Tuterria website or social media presence so it is difficult to know much about the company beyond its corporate documents.

Company ownership

Because Tuterria does not have a social media presence or public website, it is difficult to know who exactly is involved in the company's regular operations. However, Cyprus requires companies to list their directors and shareholders on official corporate documents.

When Tuterria was incorporated, there were two directors listed: Denys Stepanchuk and another Cyprus company called BSM Nominees Ltd. As of December 2019, both are still listed as active directors. In July 2019, another director was added: Christmas Christophidou. This person is also listed as a director of BSM Nominees Ltd., also as of December 2019.

There has only been one shareholder listed for Tuterria since it was incorporated: Denys Stepanchuk. He remains the sole shareholder as of December 2019.

Website operated by Tuterria

As of December 2019, Tuterria Ltd. owns and operates a single academic services website: This website offers primarily academic writing, but includes options for academic non-writing services such as statistics projects and non-academic writing services such as resumes and cover letters.

Tuterria Ltd. has had three different directors listed, all of which are still active with the company as of December 2019. Denys Stepanchuk and a company called BSM Nominees Ltd., also based in Cyprus, were the original directors indicated on the company's articles of incorporation. Christmas Christophoid was added in July 2019.


Because there is no public website or social media presence for Tuterria Ltd., the organization of the company is generally unknown.

1 Website

The total number of writing service websites that Tuterria Ltd. owns and operates is 1.


Type: Privately Held
Size: Unknown employees
Funding: Unknown
Founded: February, 2019


Tuterria Ltd.
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