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Univerbs Inc. registered as a company in Ontario, Canada on July 12, 2019. Univerbs Inc. offers a platform designed to match businesses in need of content services to qualified freelancers through

Company story

Univerbs Inc. was incorporated as a business in Ontario, Canada, in 2019. is the official company website, but it does not maintain a public presence on social media. Univerbs Inc. provides custom content and editing through its official website. However, Univerbs Inc. is linked to, an academic writing services website owned and operated by R.P. Writing Smart Ltd. It is not clear to what degree Univerbs Inc. is involved in the operations of beyond accepting payments through

Current filing status

According to documents from the Ministry of Government Services in the Providence of Ontario, Univerbs Inc. was incorporated on July 12, 2019. 2706065 is the Ontario corporation number assigned to Univerbs Inc. The Ontario corporation number helps identify businesses when interacting with federal, provincial, and local government programs.

The headquarters of Univerbs Inc. is in Oakville, Ontario. According to the contact page on, the head office is located at “Suite 121, 700 Third Line, Oakville, Ontario, L6L 4B1, Canada.”

Company ownership and leadership

Boris Fesenko is the founder and CEO of Univerbs Inc.

According to a BC Company Summary by the British Columbia Registry Services from December 2019, Boris Fesenko is the first director of Univerbs Inc. Fesenko became the first director on July 12, 2019.

Websites and services offered by Univerbs Inc.

Univerbs Inc. is the official website of Univerbs Inc.

Univerbs Inc. owns and operates, a website connecting agencies brands, retailers, and other businesses to freelance content creators and editors. According to its FAQ page, the mission statement of is “to be the content provider of choice for your business. We are committed to building relationships with our customers, and endeavor to apply ethical principles to all of our interactions. Let us partner with you to accomplish great things for your brand.”

Services provided by is a custom writing service specializing in content writing, content marketing, content management, editing, social media content, and media content.

Relationship with R.P. Writing Smart Ltd.

As of December 2020, acts as a payment page for orders placed on, an essay writing service owned and operated by R.P. Writing Smart Ltd.

On July 12, 2019, Boris Fesenko became the first director of Univerbs Inc.


There don't seem to be many public records or insights into the operations of Univerbs Inc. Information about the company's internal structure or how many people work in the company is not generally available to the public. 

1 Website

The total number of writing service websites that Univerbs, Inc. owns and operates is 1.


Type: Privately Held
Size: 2-10 employees
Funding: Unknown
Founded: July, 2019


Univerbs, Inc.
3397 Mistwell
Oakville, Ontario L6L 0A2

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