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Originally founded as BlogMutt in 2010, Verblio rebranded in November 2018. Verblio provides a complete approach to multimedia content creation with a focus on quality writing through a network of 3,000 U.S.-based writers are subject matter experts in over 40 unique industries.

Company story

Verblio Inc. is a corporation founded in Delaware in June 2010. Verblio is a content writing service serving 1,500 businesses and digital agencies every month from their headquarters in Boulder, Colorado.

Current status

According to the official website of the state of Delaware, Verblio Inc. registered as a corporation on June 24, 2010. As of December 2019, Incorp Services, Inc. serves as the registered agent.

The State of Delaware assigned Verblio Inc. the file number 4840770; the file number is a system-assigned number to place the filing in the correct order on the state database.

The headquarters of Verblio Inc. is in Boulder, Colorado. While corporate documents from Secretary of State show Verblio Inc. was initially founded and registered in Delaware, the company’s headquarters are in Boulder Colorado.

According to the Colorado Secretary of State, Verblio Inc. registered as a foreign corporation with jurisdiction in Delaware on July 6, 2010. Founder Wade Green serves as the registered agent from Verblio Inc. in Delaware.

The company name changed from BlogMutt to Verblio

On September 26, 2018, Paul Zalewski, the Vice President of Marketing, announced the company name change and rebranding in a blog post titled, “On October 7th, BlogMutt Becomes Verblio.” On October 7, 2018, corporate documents changed to reflect the name change, while redirected to

Company ownership and leadership

Wade Green and Scott Yates founded Verblio

In 2010, Wade Green and Scott Yates founded Verblio, then known as BlogMutt. 

Wade Green is the CTO of Verblio. As of December 2019, Wade Green continues to serve as the CTO of Verblio Inc. Green is heavily featured on along with other members of the team.

Scott Years served as CEO until 2016. According to his LinkedIn account, Scott Yates served as the CEO of BlogMutt for over five years. On November 1, 2016, Yates published his last blog as CEO of Verblio (formerly BlogMutt). In his last blog post, Yates thanked the Verblio community and announced Steve Pockross as the new CEO of the company. As of December 2019, Yates remains part of the Verblio as board chairman.

Steve Pockross became CEO of Verblio in 2016

On November 1, 2016, a press release from Business Wire announced Steve Pockross as the new CEO of Verblio (then known as BlogMutt). Pockross replaced Scott Yates, the founder and former CEO of the company, who stepped down from his role. As of December 2019, Pockross continues to serve as the CEO of Verblio.

Websites and services offered by Verblio Inc. is the official website of Verblio Inc.

Verblio Inc. owns and operates, formerly known as, a writing service dedicated to multimedia content creation.

Services offered by Verblio. Verblio connects marketing agencies and businesses to a pool of over 3,000 writers from the United States. Verblio writers write blog posts, newsletters, press releases, web content, white papers, ebooks, pillar content, content clusters, product descriptions, and create videos. Verblio writers do NOT create social media posts, case studies, email campaigns, HR manuals, Jumbotron text, or term papers.

Verblio Inc. was founded by Wade Green and Scott Yates in 2010. Yates served as the CEO until he stepped down from his role in November 2016. Steve Pockross replaced Yates as the CEO in 2016.

As of December 2019, Wade Green continues to serve as the CTO, Pockross is still the CEO, and Yates is the board chairman of Verblio Inc.


According to the official Verblio LinkedIn account, the company has between 11-50 employees in their Colorado office. According to, they connect 1,500 businesses and clients to over 3,000 writers.

1 Website

The total number of writing service websites that Verblio, Inc. owns and operates is 1.


Type: Privately Held
Size: 11-50 employees
Funding: Unknown
Founded: June, 2010


Verblio, Inc.
5533 Manhattan Circle, Ste 200
Boulder City, Colorado 80303
United States of America

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