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Writerock Ltd. is an academic writing services company that operates a website by the same name. The company is based in Cyprus and emphasizes its service as a "full cycle content creation agency."

Company story

Writerock Ltd. was registered in Cyprus as a privately held company in February 2019. The company operates an academic writing services website under the same name, but does not appear to have any other public presence. The website does not include information about the Writerock Ltd. company except for the name and address of the headquarters

Director of Writerock Ltd.

The corporate documents for Writerock Ltd. are available through the Cyprus government website and list another Cyprus-based company, MKV Services Limited, as the sole director. MKV Services also lists one director, Michael Vorkas. It is unknown if this person has a direct role in the management of Writerock ltd.

Ownership of Writerock Ltd.

The Writerock Corporate documents indicate, as of April 2020, that all the company's equity is held by another company, Eurodata Limited, which is registered in the Seychelles. Because the Seychelles does not make company information public, it is difficult to know more about who is involved in Eurodata or how the company operates.

Other companies involved with the sole shareholder of Writerock Ltd.

The UK Companies House, the publicly accessible corporate registry for the United Kingdom, indicates that Eurodata Limited has been listed an officer for over 40 different LLP companies registered in the UK since 2008. As of April 2020, nearly all of these companies have been dissolved.

Controversy involving Eurodata Limited

In 2015, an online publication called NakedCapitalism posted a story that linked Eurodata Limited to a "billion-dollar bank fraud" that involved "20,000 opaque British corporations."

According to company documents available through the government of Cyprus website, the director of Writerock is another Cyprus-based company called MKV Services Limited. This company has a single director listed: Michael Vorkas. The equity of Writerock is entirely held by a company called Eurodata that is based in the Seychelles which does not make company information public so it is difficult to know more about Eurodata or who owns it.


The website does not include an about page and there is no social media presence for the Writerock Ltd. company, so it is difficult to know how the company is organized. The company's main address is in Cyprus, but there does not appear to be a public office under this company's name at the listed address.

1 Website

The total number of writing service websites that Writerock Limited owns and operates is 1.


Type: Privately Held
Size: Unknown employees
Funding: Missing funding
Founded: February, 2019


Writerock Limited
Αρχ. Μακαρίου ΙΙΙ, 95, Charitini Building, Όροφος 1, Διαμ/Γραφείο 102
Λευκωσία 1071

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