Snapshot overview

CoreForce Ltd. is a company based in Cyprus that operates a number of different writing service websites. The company was incorporated in September 2016 and does not have a public presence. Not much else is known about them.

Company story

CoreForce was founded in Cyprus in 2016. They own and operate a variety of writing services websites, most of which are oriented toward academic content and student customers.

For its first two years of operation, the director listed for CoreForce was an entity called Grigor's Life on the corporate documents. This name in Greek, as it is printed on the corporated documents, is ΖΩΗ ΓΡΗΓΟΡΙΟΥ which may also translate to the name Zoi Grigoriou, but there is no other record of a person with this name so it is not clear which is the case.

The current director, as of November 2019, listed on the CoreForce corporated documents is a company called Meriveria Directors Ltd. This company was created in 2018. The sole shareholder and director of Meriveria has been Maria Saveriadou since its creation.

Company ownership

The shares of CoreForce have changed hands several times since the company was created.

Timeline of ownership

  • 2016: CoreForce registered as a company. Its sole shareholder was the Zoi Grigorious/Grigor's life.
  • 2017: CoreForce shares are transferred to two different Cyprus-based companies:
    • UATech Limited acquired 60%
    • DevBar Limited acquired 40%
  • 2018: CoreForce shares are again transferred:
    • UATech Limited increased its equity to 80%
    • Nika Entertainment Ltd. acquired 10%
    • KUPR Holdings Limited acquired 6.7%
    • KEUS Holdings Limited acquired 3.3%

Information about companies that have owned CoreForce

DevBar Limited and UATech Limited were both created in 2017, shortly before the CoreForce shares were transferred to them. Each of these companies have a single director listed in November 2019, Olga Abusiveva for DevBar Limited and Anna Ioannou for UATech Limited. Anna Ioannou has also been listed as a director of Grand Dominie Limited, another Cyprus-based company that also operates a number of a academic writing services websites.

The three companies that newly acquired CoreForce equity in 2018, Nika Entertainment Ltd, KUPR Holdings Limited, and KEUS Holdings Limited, were all registered in the British Virgin Islands. Company documents from the British Virgin Islands are not public, so there is very little known about who owns them or what other companies they, in turn, own.

Websites owned and services offered

CoreForce Ltd. owns and operates many writing service websites. Nearly all of the sites are focused toward essay writing of some type and all are academic writing. The CoreForce sites mostly use an automatic assignment order system.

With this ordering system, customers provide order instructions using an automated form and provide payment as part of the order placement process. The service then assigns the order to a writer according to its own methods. The exact method may or may not be advertised, but this is individual to each website. Customers are typically able to interact with their assigned writers after the order has been assigned, with this type of system.

Some of the sites owned by CoreForce predate the company's registration by many years. It is not clear if these sites were owned by the same person before CoreForce became a registered company or if they were acquired by CoreForce after it was registered.

As of November 2019, CoreForce is owned and directed by other companies. The director position on the company's corporated documents has been occupied by a managerial company named Meriveria Directors Ltd. since 2018. For its first two years of operation, it was operated by what may be a mysterious entity named Griogri's Life, this is listed on the English translation of the corporate documents, or a name that may translate to Zoi Grigoriou. There is no other record of such a person, so it is difficult to corroborate who or what was in charge of this company when it began.

The secretary position has also been occupied by a company called Meriveria Secretaries Ltd. since 2018. Before that, the secretary role was fulfilled by another company called Largos World Limited. Largos and both Meriveria Secretaries are also Cyprus-based.


Type: Privately Held
Size: Unknown employees
Funding: Unknown
Founded: September, 2016


CoreForce Ltd
22 Makarios III Avenue, 403
Larnaca 6016

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