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Edutec Limited is a Malta-based company that operates writing service websites. They do not have a public website for their company and do not have a social media presence.

Company story

Edutec Limited was incorporated as a limited liability company in Malta in March 2015. It owns, an academic writing services website. Edutec does not have a public website or presence on social media, so there is little known about the company beyond what is available in its corporate documents. Malta makes corporate information available on its business registry website and copies of a company's registered documents can be purchased.

Ownership and leadership of Edutec

Since it was founded in 2015 and current as of December 2019, Edutec has had three listed directors.

  • March 2015: Franco Falzon was appointed the first director when Edutec filed its articles of incorporation.
  • May 2016: Dr. Olga Finkel was appointed the second director of Edutec.
  • June 2016: Franco Falzon resigned from his director role.
  • May 2017: Dr. Olga Finkel resigned from her director role.
  • June 2017: Alan Attard was appointed the third director.

As of December 2019, Alan Attard is the sole listed director of Edutec. Alan is also the only one of the three directors to list his time with Edutec on his LinkedIn profile.

Shareholders of Edutec

The original shareholders of Edutec included two other companies: Mendoline Capital LP and Saine Limited. Mendoline Capital LP is a limited partnership company registered in Scotland and active as of December 2019. Saine Limited is a company registered in the British Virgin Islands (BVI). Company records are not public information in the BVI, so there is little else known about his company.

In February 2017, equity was transferred from these companies to multiple individuals. As of December 2019, Edutec has four shareholders that collectively possess 10,000 issued shares of 30,000 total authorised shares, each share valued at 0.2 euros:

  • Janis Joksts, listed as Latvian, holds 8,100 shares
  • Gennadii Bakuteev, listed as Russian, holds 900 shares
  • Anatoly Polyanovskiy, listed as Russian, holds 900 shares
  • Nikolai Semenov, listed as Russian, holds 100 shares

Websites owned by Edutec

Edutec owns the, an academic writing services website. This website advertises a team of nearly 30,000 tutors and over half of those with PhDs. The site is primarily targeted toward customers, but includes some recruiting resources for writers as well.

Edutec does not have a social media presence or a public website, but their company officers and shareholders are available on the Malta Business Registry website. As of 2019, Alan Attard is listed as the director of Edutec. He is the third director, following Dr. Olga Finkel who in turn followed the founder and first director, Franco Falzon.

The shareholders of Edutec were primarily other corporations when it was founded, but as of 2019 the equity of Edutec is held by four individuals, Gennadii Bakuteev, Janis Joksts, Anatoly Polyanovskiy, and Nikolai Semenov.


Because Edutec does not have a public presence, it is not clear how the company is organized or distributed.

1 Website

The total number of writing service websites that Edutec Limited owns and operates is 1.


Type: Privately Held
Size: 2-10 employees
Funding: Unknown
Founded: March, 2015


Edutec Limited
Triq Giuseppe Cali St, Angelica Court No 4
Ta' Xbiex XBX-1425

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