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Minimax Consulting, LLC was a consultation company that offered a variety of services including: marketing optimization, business planning, market research, credit analysis, and dissertation and journal article assistance.

Company story

Minimax Consulting LLC was a company owned primarily by Peter Chabot that in turn owned, a statistical analysis and dissertation services company. Minimax was active from 2006 to 2010.

Because the company was incorporated in Delaware, it is difficult to access official corporate information; Delaware makes very little corporate information available to the public. Also, as a closed company, the website is no longer active. Much of the information known about Minimax Consulting comes from the internet archives, a website that keeps historical versions of web pages.

Controversies involving key figures at Minimax Consulting

Peter Chabot, also known as Pierre Chabot and P.C. Chabot, was the founder and central team member of Minimax Consulting. When the site was launched, it exclusively advertised his services and his expertise. As team members were added, the Minimax site's content shifted away from focusing on Peter to simply including him in all consultation work, but he was listed as the CEO until 2009. In 2010, the site's team page removed Peter. See the team page from before and after Peter was removed.

Before his work with Minimax, Peter Chabot was charged with securities fraud by the SEC. The charges can be read on the SEC website.

Charlotte Chabot, Peter's wife, first appeared on the Minimax team page in October 2006 as a managing member. In November 2006, her bio on the team page changed to list her as the founder of the company. Because Delaware does not make the names of corporate officers public, it is not known if Charlotte was the original person listed on the articles of incorporation for Minimax consulting. See the team pagebeforeandafterCharlotte was listed as founder.

In May 2011, Charlotte was removed entirely from the Minimax team page, though they still described themselves as an "8(a) certified, woman-owned business."

Possible transition from Minimax Consulting to Precision Consulting

After Minimax closed in 2010, a company called Precision Consulting opened a website offering very similar services with many of the same core team members listed. The team members that were involved in both the closed Minimax and the newly opened Precision were Clark Guo, Martin Barugel, Barron Gati, Daniel Teitelbaum, and Anthony Santa Barbara. The only direct connection between this team and Peter or Charlotte Chabot was Anthony Santa Barbara, Peter Chabot's father-in-law. It is not known if Peter or Charlotte were listed on the Precision Consulting articles of incorporation or if they were shareholders due to Delaware law.

The Minimax Consulting team grew considerably over its years of operation. The founder, Peter Chabot, and his wife, Charlotte Chabot, were involved at a high level throughout much of the company's history, according to the website's team page as seen over time using publicly available internet archives.


The original Minimax Consulting operations were entirely focused on Peter Chabot in its early days of operation. According to archived site pages found on the internet archives, Peter was the only member of the company when it began, but as team members were added their roles were posted on the site. An address was published on the site's contact page, but it is not clear if this was a centralized physical office or if the team members operated remotely.

1 Website

The total number of writing service websites that Minimax Consulting, LLC owns and operates is 1.


Type: Privately Held
Size: Unknown employees
Funding: Unknown
Founded: October, 2006


Minimax Consulting, LLC
One Financial Plaza, 21st Floor
Providence, Rhode Island 02903
United States of America

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