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Sharks Web Services Limited is a Kenya-based company that operates academic writing services websites. Kenya makes very little public information available about companies so it is difficult to be sure of many details about this company.

Company story

There is very little known about Sharks Web Services Limited beyond the country it is registered in and the fact that it operates academic writing services websites. The company has a public website and a Facebook page, but neither offers many details about who is involved in the company or how it is organized.

The Kenya business registry makes very few details publicly available. Beyond the fact that Sharks Web Services Limited is registered in Kenya, very little can be determined from the official records offered by Kenya., a company registry website, has some public information available for this company, as of February 2020, specifically its standard industrial classification (SIC). The SIC code listed for Sharks Web Limited on suggest that it is registered as an employment agency.

People associated with Sharks Web Services Limited

According to, Mwangi Ikonye is the CEO of Sharks Web Services Limited. Unfortunately there are few other details regarding this person or their role with the company. A professional profile for a person by this name was found on Stack Overflow, a professional networking site for developers, but as of February 2020 no further social media accounts or professional profiles have been found for Mwangi Ikonye.

As of February 2020, it is difficult to know who might own Sharks Web Services Limited or who else is involved in the leadership or operation of the company.

Sites owned by Sharks Web Services Limited

In addition to their own public site, Sharks Web Services owns and operates academic writing services websites such as In general sites owned by Sharks Web Services Limited list the company at the bottom of their pages, near the copyright information.

It is difficult to be sure who owns or manages Sharks Web Services Limited. According to, an online business registry, the CEO of this company is Mwangi Ikonye, though there are no dates available for when he began this role or if it is a current position.


The Sharks Web Services website offers very little insight into how they are organized or operated. It is not clear if they did or did not receive investment funding or how large the company is.

2 Websites

The total number of writing service websites that Sharks Web Services Limited owns and operates is 2.


Type: Privately Held
Size: 11-50 employees
Funding: Unknown
Founded: August, 2012


Sharks Web Services Limited
Sheria House, 2nd Floor, Harembee Ave

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