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SimpleTense Inc. owns the academic writing services website They advertise strong English writers, though their primary service website is in Chinese.

Company story

According to the about page on the SimpleTense website, the company was founded in Iowa City in 2011. The company has been registered in at least three different states over its lifespan:

  • 2013: SimpleTense was originally registered in Iowa
  • 2014: The company registered in Texas
  • 2017: The company registered in California

As of February 2020, the company remains registered and headquartered in California while the registrations in Iowa and Texas are inactive. It does not appear that the company is also registered in Delaware, as many similar companies are.

Other milestones listed by SimpleTense

The SimpleTense website offers a timeline of important events in their history. These include:

  • 2011: First full-time employee in July, Daniel Harris
  • 2011: 1000th order completed in August for Sherry Huang of Michigan State University
  • 2012: Angel investment received in May by one or more parties
  • 2012: Hired a "human resources consultant working for the Fortune 500" in July
  • 2013: Became officially authorized by TurnItIn

Ownership of SimpleTense

According to the earliest official records available to the public, SimpleTense was founded by Jinyao Zhao. It does not appear that any other managing member or shareholder has been indicated on a registration document as the company was registered in other states over the years. It is possibly that equity was distributed to the angel investors in 2012, but there do not appear to be any further details about how much equity was given or to who.

Services offered by SimpleTense

The company primarily focuses on their academic writing services website of the same name: Though the site is in Chinese, it primarily advertises its English writing services. Much of the site can be translated by a browser such as Chrome, but the live chat support and certain specific sections do not appear to be so easily translated.

Archived versions of the site, found on, indicate that the site has always been primarily in Chinese. The about page on the SimpleTense site indicates that they are committed to helping overseas students achieve success and that their "job is to help Chinese students overcome" the disadvantage of trying to write in a second language for professional or academic purposes.

It is difficult to be sure exactly who owns the equity or management positions at SimpleTense Inc. The CEO listed on the company's LinkedIn profile, as of February 2020, is Jinyao Zhao, the same person listed on the company's registration in both California and Texas. Unfortunately no other leadership is listed on either corporate registration and the company does not advertise any other leadership figures.

The SimpleTense site indicates that the company has "nearly 500 employees".


According to the SimpleTense site, the company received investment funding in 2012. It is not clear how much equity was acquired in return for this, how many different sources of investment there were, or if there were other rounds of investment before or after this event.

The company is officially headquartered in California; it is not known if there are other physical offices elsewhere.

1 Website

The total number of writing service websites that SimpleTense Inc. owns and operates is 1.


Type: Privately Held
Size: 201-500 employees
Funding: Yes
Founded: July, 2013


SimpleTense Inc.
80 S Lake Ave, Ste 528
Pasadena, California 91101
United States of America

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