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WriterDuet Inc. provides software for writers, actors, directors, game developers, and production staff to collaborate with automatic script formatting, structured outlines, recording, and multimedia.

Company story

WriterDuet Inc. is a corporation from Delaware incorporated in January 2017. WriterDuet Inc. provides screenwriting software through and the WriterDuet Apple and Android applications.

Initial filing status

WriterDuet Inc. was initially known as Screenplaypen LLC. According to Open Corporates, an online database of companies from the world, WriterDuet registered in Texas as a foreign for-profit corporation on October 23, 2015. According to the Open Corporates profile on WriterDuet Inc., it’s a branch of Screenplaypen LLC, a company in California.

According to the official website of the California Secretary of State, Screenplaypen LLC registered as a limited liability company in California on September 3, 2010. 

The Statement of Information filed on September 29, 2014, shows Guy Goldstein as the owner and CEO of Screenplaypen LLC. Additionally, the Statement of Information from September 2014 shows the mailing address of the CEO to be located in Austin, Texas.

Name change from Screenplaypen LLC to WriterDuet Inc. On December 30, 2016, Guy Goldstein filed a Certificate of Conversion with the California Secretary of State. The Certificate of Conversion converted Screenplaypen LLC, a limited liability company with jurisdiction in California, to WriterDuet Inc., a corporation with jurisdiction in Delaware.

Current filing status

According to the official website of the State of Delaware, WriterDuet, Inc. was incorporated on January 1, 2017. As of January 2020, The Corporation Trust Company acts as the registered agent for WriterDuet, Inc.

The State of Delaware assigned WriterDuet, Inc. the file number 6265551; the file number is a system-assigned number to place the filing in the correct order on the state database.

The headquarters of WriterDuet, Inc. is in Austin, TX. As of January 2020, corporate documents show WriterDuet, Inc. is incorporated and registered in Delaware; however, the company’s headquarters is in Austin, Texas.

Origins of WriterDuet Inc.

Guy Goldstein founded WriterDuet Inc.

According to the about page on, Guy Goldstein created WriterDuet as a fun weekend project for South by Southwest (SXSW) in 2013. 

WriterDuet received positive publicity online shortly after SXSW. On September 12, 2013, Craig Mazin from ScriptNotes mentioned WriterDuet as his “Cool Thing” of the week on episode 107 of the ScriptNotes podcast. Mazin had the following to say about WriterDuet:

“Well, I have a Cool Thing this week that was, as are so many of my Cool Things, recommend by a Twitter follower. But this one really has the potential to be awesome. It’s almost there. It’s not quite there yet, but they’re working on it. It’s called It is free. And the idea of is to provide functionality that already exists in Final Draft and Movie Magic.” - Craig Mazin

On September 14, 2013, Christopher Boone published an article on, highlighting the features of WriterDuet shortly after it was introduced at SXSW.  

WriterDuet was founded as a branch of Screenplaypen LLC. WriterDuet was a branch of Goldstein’s California company, Screenplaypen LLC. However, in December 2016, Screenplaypen LLC converted its name and jurisdiction to WriterDuet, Inc. and Delaware. According to his LinkedIn profile, founder Guy Goldstein remains the CEO of WriterDuet as of January 2020.

WriterDuet received seed funding from two investors

According to its Crunchbase profile, WriterDuet received one round of seed funding from two investors: Techstars and Techstars Austin Accelerator. The amount raised in seed funding was undisclosed. The seed round was announced on January 1, 2017, which is the day WriterDuet Inc. incorporated in Delaware. As of January 2020, WriterDuet has not received additional funding from any more investors.

Websites owned and services offered by WriterDuet Inc. is the official website of WriterDuet Inc. serves as the official website for WriterDuet Inc to provide software for writers, actors, directors, game developers, and production staff to collaborate with automatic script formatting, structured outlines, recording, and multimedia. According to its about page, is powered by Google's Firebase service to allow users to “write in real-time with anyone, anywhere.”

WriterDuet acquired in 2015. In late 2015, after ceased to exist as a screenwriting platform due to technical failures, WriterDuet acquired the domain to “provide modern screenwriting software to writers.” According to the Who Is Record on, Guy Goldstein owns the domain. As of January 2020, redirects to

Goldstein launched a localized version of WriterDuet in China. According to an article written by Matt Pressberg on The Wrap, WriterDuet founder, Guy Goldstein, announced a partnership with CNDB Pro to launch a localized version of WriterDuet in China. Goldstein told The Wrap on August 18, 2016: 

“The market is getting bigger and bigger. Our competitor, Final Draft, cannot write in Chinese characters. Because of that, they didn’t have the opportunity to sell in China.” - Guy Goldstein

As of January 2020, WriterDuet is available English, Mandarin Chinese, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Arabic, Hebrew, and supports any input language on an Apple or Android device.

Guy Goldstein founded WriterDuet in 2013 for SXSW as part of his company Screenplaypen LLC. On January 1, 2017, Screenplaypen LLC became WriterDuet Inc. As of January 2020, Goldstein remains the CEO of WriterDuet Inc.


According to a May 2019 blog on titled “WriterDuet v5 Is Crazy,” WriterDuet opened its first office space to accommodate its eight employees. According to the blog, three years before, founder Guy Goldstein did everything from his house with his dog, Jack. To celebrate the opening of their Austin-based office, WriterDuet hired a ninth employee.

According to, over 100,000 screenwriters collaborate on WriterDuet.

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The total number of writing service websites that WriterDuet Inc. owns and operates is 1.


Type: Privately Held
Size: 2-10 employees
Funding: Yes
Founded: October, 2015


WriterDuet Inc.
1224 E 12th St, Ste 323
Austin, Texas 78702
United States of America

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