WriterDuet is real-time collaborative screenwriting software created by Guy Goldstein.

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WriterDuet is screenwriting software created by Guy Goldstein in 2013 as a fun weekend project for SXSW. The mission is to provide the most efficient, productive, and enjoyable writing experience possible for solo writers, co-writers, and writing teams. WriterDuet has positive testimonials from Christopher Ford the screenwriter of Spider-Man: Homecoming, Andy Bobrow, the writer of Malcolm in the Middle and Community, and Jim Uhls the scriptwriter of Fight Club.

In late 2015, WriterDuet acquired after the defunct screenwriting software shut down due to a severe malfunction. 

In August 2016, Goldstein announced the release of a localized version of WriterDuet in China.

In May 2018, WriterDuet included an automated Bechdel test after a podcast inspired Goldstein. The Bechdel test measures how many female characters there are and whether their dialogue discusses anything other than men; the reverse Bechdel test looks at male characters in the same way.


WriterDuet has nine employees in Austin, TX. Over 100,000 screenwriters collaborate on WriterDuet.


WriterDuet offers free, Plus, Pro, and Premium plans.

WriterDuet’s free version does not watermark scripts. The free version of the software allows writers to import and export multiple formats. The first three scripts are free.

The WriterDuet Plus plan is $7.99 per month; the Plus plan gives screenwriters unlimited projects and history to search, and collaboration with anyone.

The WriterDuet Pro plan is $11.99 per month; the Pro plan gives screenwriters the same benefits as the Plus plan in addition to professional tools and offline writing with auto-save.

The WriterDuet Premium plan is $15.99 per month; the Premium plan gives screenwriters all the Pro plan features along with unlimited projects, 10GB of multimedia storage, access to ReadThrough, MultiColumn, and AutoTranslate.


WriterDuet is a real-time screenwriting software to collaborate with automatic script formatting, structured outlines, recording, and multimedia. WriterDuet does not retain the rights to the work produced by screenwriters. Scripts are autosaved in the WriterDuet servers and screenwriters can save backup copies to DropBox, Google Drive, iCloud, and their personal computer. WriterDuet uses SSL security and generates random access codes to share with collaborators you choose. Scripts are not shared except through your requests & guest codes.

The unlimited projects and history feature is available starting at the Plus membership. It allows for infinite revision history, search for deleted text, and Dropbox and Google back up.

The "collaborate with anyone" feature is available starting at the Plus membership; this feature gives screenwriters the power to co-write and chat with other members in real-time. Co-writers can check revisions by date and writer.

Pro plan members have access to professional tools such as tagging and filtering, statistics and reports, and PDF watermarks and encryptions.

Pro plan members can also write offline with autosave on desktop and mobile apps.

Premium plan members can listen to a cast of computer voices or invite voice actors to collaborate through ReadThrough.

Premium plan members can use the MultiColumn feature to create parallel columns for split screens, documentaries, VR, and other projects.

The AutoTranslate feature gives Premium plan members the power to translate to dozens of languages while keeping the format of their project.

Snapshot is a real-time screenwriting software for writers, actors, directors, game developers, and production staff to collaborate with automatic script formatting, structured outlines, recording, and multimedia.

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"All payments made to WriterDuet are non-refundable unless otherwise specified in writing." There's one exception. According to the WriterDuet support team, if you upgrade from WriterDuet Free and are not totally satisfied, send their support team a message and hey will issue you a refund.

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For payment, WriterDuet accepts all major credit/debit cards, and if purchasing a Pro Lifetime subscription, they accept PayPal.


WriterDuet Inc. provides software for writers, actors, directors, game developers, and production staff to collaborate with automatic script formatting, structured outlines, recording, and multimedia.


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