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Scripped provided web-based screenwriting software to over 80,000 writers worldwide. Scripped also crowdsourced scripts on behalf of producers and brands. Scripped counted Edward Burns, Steven de Souza, Girls2watch.com, and Alex Albrecht amongst its producer clients.

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Scripped.com is a defunct Web-based software solution for screenwriters. It now redirects to a similar screenwriting software site: writerduet.com. 

Scripped was once home to over 65,000 writers from over 100 countries. The website started on the premise that screenwriting is an international phenomenon and everyone has a great screenplay in mind. Their mission was for screenwriters from all over the world to write their screenplays on Scripped.

Scripped offered three services: script writing, script registration, and script coverage. It allowed screenwriters to format their scripts to industry standards set by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences without having to download software. Screenwriters once had the power to access their scripts from anywhere, at any time with any computer and an Internet connection.


Sunil Rajaraman and Ryan Buckley founded Scripped. In August 2006, Sunil texted Ryan, “I have THE idea that will make us rich.” In July 2007, Scripted, Inc., was officially founded as a Delaware Corporation headquartered at the home of Rajaraman’s parents. Three months later, various family members became the first holders of Scripped stock. January 2008 was the end of private beta testing and the beginning of public beta testing, thus the first Scripped customer started writing scripts. Two months later, Scripped reached 1,000 registrations. The first few years were a success for the founders as both completed their MBAs while the site released contests and Pro subscriptions.

In February 2010, Scripped merged with Zhura. The integration took place silently and a month later Scripped relaunched with 65,000 screenwriters. By 2015, over 100,000 screenwriters were writing and selling scripts on Scripped, participating in exclusive Scripped events, joining discussions, and entering exclusive contests for cash prizes.

Unfortunately, Scripped.com dealt with mounting technical problems and outdated technology for years. It’s founders planned to shut down for a long time, but the transition was not graceful.  Due to serious technical failure Scripped had little choice but to shut its doors effective immediately in April 2015.

Due to a simultaneous malfunction in their backup services and primary servers, all the backed up script content was lost. Users who did not download backup copies of their screenplays were informed they were lost forever. Scripped.com was acquired and replaced by WriterDuet.com. By late 2015, WriterDuet was in full operation.


Scripped was an online screenplay services company offering script writing, registration, and coverage. They offered a space for screenwriters to work and store their writing in a secure, cloud-based "vault" and for those same writers to collaborate and communicate. They also provided a marketplace for producers, directors, or other clients in need of screenwriting to post jobs or view the offerings of the screenwriter users.

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Scripped.com shut down operations in April 2015.


Scripped provided web-based screenwriting software to over 65,000 writers worldwide before it closed. Scripped also crowdsourced scripts on behalf of producers and brands. Scripped counted Edward Burns, Steven de Souza, Girls2watch.com and Alex Albrecht amongst its producer clients.


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