Introduction is an AI-powered platform that quickly connects students to thousands of “personal nerds”—freelance students and alumni from around the world dedicated to helping students with various tasks.

Full story is the official website of the Nerdify brand. was founded in September 2015 by Alex and Brian, two graduates from the London School of Economics and Political Science. Alex and Brian created when they decided they needed a simple service with the ability to connect them to experienced students or alumni to help them solve their university-related issues. started as a small university project from friends and classmates of Alex and Brian; today, is an international phenomenon used by tens of thousands of students, universities, and even businesses.

The mission of the website is “to facilitate the flow of first-hand knowledge to help businesses, universities, and students achieve their goals.” initially solved simple academic issues from advice about the best universities to advice about where to find affordable textbooks. Today, helps not only students but also businesses and universities. owned and operated by CLS Research Limited, a company from Cyprus. CLS Research Limited originally registered the Nerdify brand name on August 24, 2015. The Nerdify trademark is now registered under Symerich LTD as of July 11, 2017.

Freelancers refers to its freelancers as “Nerds.” Nerds are freelance students and alumni from the top universities in the United States, the United Kingdom, and around the world. Nerds help clients with a wide variety of tasks as long as it does not violate the Honor Code. trusts Nerds will represent themselves professionally to students, businesses, and universities using the freelance platform. Nerds are not allowed to create or contribute to circumstances that would violate any college or corporate policies. Nerds aren’t allowed to help create the aforementioned circumstances. Nerds aren’t allowed to help students or business representatives cheat or commit fraud. Any users of Nerdify Platform are not allowed to ask other users to share their personal contacts. 

How it works has a six-step process. Step one is contacting the AI-powered platform via text message or Facebook messenger. In step two, the AI-powered algorithm will find the best available Nerd—freelance student or alumni. In step three, a quote is generated based on the number of hours a freelancer will spend working on the request or purchases made on behalf of the client. Step four is the prepayment which is held by the Nerdify platform until the order is completed. Step five includes every interaction with the Nerd as they complete the task. Step six is the joy that accompanies “instant professional assistance.”


It's free to text or Facebook Message Nerdify, and payment is required once a quote is accepted.

Pricing depends on how long a task will take to be completed and how much time the freelancer has to complete it. 

For example, the total price for an essay is $33 USD as Nerds charge $33 USD per 1 page that has to be written in 2-4 days. Please note that one double-spaced page usually contains 300 words.

Services connects students, businesses, and universities to freelance students and alumni of top universities to complete a wide range of tasks.

Students can connect to Nerds for advice, help finding study materials, tutoring, and help with academic work.

Businesses connect with Nerds for business consulting, business and marketing plan development, preparation for business presentations, and help finding interns and new employees.

Universities can connect with Nerds for help in finding internships for students, creating study tests for various courses, facilitating corporate sponsorships, and help scouting talent.

Snapshot connects students with freelance assistants for help with anything related to education or business as long as it's legal and not related to facilitating drug use, gambling, cheating, or in violation of any university policy.

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Academic Essays, research papers, dissertations, school homework assignments, and more
Admissions Essays and written works that help you get into college
Business Blog posts, social media content, white papers, website copy, and other business-related documents
Technical Manuals and other field-specific documents
Consulting Advice on what to do and how to do it

Refund policy

What happens if you are unhappy with writing services from and want your money back? We looked for a clear refund policy page and found the following.


Yes, this writing service has a refund policy.

“All the refund requests are to be submitted no later than 30 days after the product or service was sent to the client. If the delivered product or service doesn't meet your initial requirements - contact us ASAP.”

Published by on May 21, 2019

Other useful information has physical offices in both the US and the UK.


CLS Research Limited is a private limited company in Cyprus. It was incorporated on April 28, 2015. It operates with over 50 people of in-house staff and more than 400 freelance tutors and experts in the academic field.


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