Introduction is an online service dedicated to providing editing and critiquing, language tutoring, and 24/7 tutoring services to scholars around the world. This website is owned and operated by CLS Research Limited.

Full story is the official website of a small tech startup owned and operated by CLS Research Limited, an academic service company from Cyprus. This website and its parent company were launched by a group of enthusiasts who believed in the power of sharing knowledge and skills freely, any time and across the whole world. The mission of is to “bring the pool of world knowledge together in one simple platform that is easy and convenient to use for any student with access to Internet.” transfers knowledge and information through interactive services. The website connects students to professional tutors for editing and critiquing, language tutoring, and around the clock tutoring. was created in October 2011despite claims the website was founded in 2009. This website is nearly identical to its sister website; both sites are owned and operated by CLS Research Limited. was created four years before and share the same Privacy Policies, Terms and Conditions, and office space in Quincy, Massachusetts.

Tutors connects students to hundreds of freelance tutors and experts in the academic field. The freelance tutors are supported by over 30 members of the Cloud Learning Solutions in-house staff, including administrative, managerial, and support staff.

The tutoring network spans across six countries with clients from places like Canada, New Zealand, Korea, the United States, and the United Kingdom.

Services is an academic service dedicated to helping students access the global pool of knowledge through editing and reviewing, language coaching, and 24/7 tutoring.

International students designed editing and critiquing for international students studying English as a second language in the United Kingdom, the United States, and other English speaking countries. Despite it being designed for international students, the editing and critiquing services are popular among native English speaking students. Editing and critiquing consultants help students format papers, organize ideas, and conduct independent reviews of their projects.

Language tutoring helps students improve their English or other major languages. Language tutors are native speakers or professional ESL teachers with experience in online teaching.

The 24/7 tutoring service connects students to a tutor for learning virtually everywhere. 24/7 tutors help students find information, structure papers, and answer academic-related questions.

Snapshot provides editing and critiquing, language tutoring, and 24/7 tutoring services.

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Academic Essays, research papers, dissertations, school homework assignments, and more

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CLS Research Limited is a private limited company in Cyprus. It was incorporated on April 28, 2015. It operates with over 50 people of in-house staff and more than 400 freelance tutors and experts in the academic field.


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