Textbroker is a marketplace for unique and exclusive written articles created to your specifications. Whether you need a quick snippet for a website, a well-researched white paper or a sharp press release, our deep database of knowledgeable authors caters to your content needs.

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Textbroker is a marketplace for exclusively written articles created based on custom specifications bringing clients and authors together. They provide a wide array of services from small snippets are websites to white papers and press releases. Textbroker has a database of writers ready to cater to any content need. Textbroker is an established leader in content with over 53,000 clients, 100,000 verified authors, and 10 million orders worldwide.


According to, "you get what you pay for" when placing an order. Pricing is based on the author’s star level and order type. Author star levels range between 2-5 stars and the three order types are OpenOrder, DirectOrder, and TeamOrder. 

OpenOrder projects are the most common. They give clients access to 100,000 qualified authors. The authors are all rated on a 2-5 star level. Price is determined by the author-level.

2 star author-level order costs 1.5 cents per word but may contain spelling, grammatical, and punctuation errors. These orders typically look like rough drafts and need re-work and editing.

3 star author-level order costs 2 cents per word. The order process is fairly quick and the end results contain average quality. These orders contain fewer errors than the 2-star level but lack style and tone.

4-star author-level orders cost 2.7 cents per word. These orders boast very good quality and are the most popular level on Textbroker.

5-star author-level orders cost 7.2 cents per word. These are professional-quality content pieces and are ready to be published.

The OpenOrder type is perfect for clients who prefer to work with a multitude of authors. This type was designed for price-conscious clients with little time to search and compare authors.

Clients can commission an author of their choice to write their content using DirectOrders. Price and delivery are negotiated with authors starting at the 4-star author-level at 2.7 cents per word. The DirectOrder type is well-suited for clients who prefer to specific authors with expertise in specific areas. 

Using TeamOrder, clients can assemble a hand-picked team of authors. Price is set for the team starting at the 4-star author-level at 2.7 cents per word. The TeamOrder type is designed for clients in need of large amounts of content. It gives them access to a team and allows them the ability to manage the process every step of the way. This is perfect for clients who want to hand pick their team and maintain control along the way.

How it works

With Textbroker Self Service clients can buy custom articles and other content projects in four easy steps.

  • Step one: sign up to register as a client (for free). 
  • Step two: place an order by selecting the order type, the author-level, and set up the order briefing.
  • Step three: deposit funds into your new account.
  • Step four: place and receive your custom order


This website offers a true content writing marketplace for clients to find writers for writing projects that primarily fall in the business and marketing fields. They use a deposit system rather than processing payments for each order and their pricing is based on word count and the quality of writing you wish to receive based on a 5 star system, though there is no 1 star option. They also allow clients to choose between a randomly available writer, a specific writer of their choosing, or a curated team of writers that the client manages directly for their projects.

  • Active writers Unknown
  • Pricing Moderate
  • Accepted payment methods
    VISA, MasterCard, AMEX, PayPal


See what kinds of writing services this website offers.

Business Blog posts, social media content, white papers, website copy, and other business-related documents
Technical Manuals and other field-specific documents
Other Unique kinds of services that may be abstract (e.g., screenwriting)

Refund policy

What happens if you are unhappy with writing services from and want your money back? We looked for a clear refund policy page and found the following.


Yes, this writing service has a refund policy.

"You may refuse an article after one revision request has been sent to the author. Textbroker Quality Assurance reviews all refusals. Valid refusals are based on the quality level at which you ordered and the original instructions provided to the author. A valid refused article will not be charged to your account, and you do not receive the copyright to the work. The order will return to our author pool by default. If you no longer need the article, please include that in your rejection message or e-mail Textbroker when you refuse the article so that we can delete the order quickly. All decisions made by Textbroker regarding refusals are final."

Published by on May 21, 2019

Other useful information

Also according to their refund policy, " has a 3-day auto-acceptance policy. You have three days (72 hours) to take action on an article once it has been submitted to you. The 72 hours includes weekends, so an article delivered on Thursday will be auto-accepted on Sunday. If you do not take action on an article after 72 hours, the article will automatically be accepted. There are no refunds available for accepted articles."


Textbroker is the leading online platform in the U.S. for custom-made, unique written content. The online marketplace brings together customers looking for unique and exclusive textual content with more than 100,000 U.S.-based freelance authors who can write about virtually any topic.


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