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Cyber Jam Limited is a UK-based company that owns and operates a writing services website. They also maintain a public website that suggests they also work in digital marketing, customer support, and SEO analytics, though there are few details regarding these areas.

Company story

Cyber Jam Limited is a privately held company based in London. As of November 2019, their official address is in the offices of Coddan CPM Limited. They registered their company in November 2013 and do not have any other offices listed on their public record.

The original director listed on the Cyber Jam documents when the company was registered was Dmitry Ostapchuk. According to publicly available corporate documents, Dmitry served as the sole Cyber Jam director from November 2014 to March 2013. He has also been listed as a director of Coddan CPM Limited, the company that shares a physical address with Cyber Jam Limited.

Company ownership

The equity of Cyber Jam is held entirely by one person, Ivan Ogarok, according to official documents retrieved from the UK corporate registry in November 2019. Ivan has also served as a company director since just a few months after the company was registered. Other directors have come and gone over the years, but there has been no other distribution of shares as of November 2019.

Websites owned and services offered

The Cyber Jam company website indicates that they are involved in a variety of web design and support services. They list four main interests: educational projects, digital marketing, customer support, and SEO analytics. Of these four, only the "educational projects" option has a "learn more" button offering details for pricing and specific services. When viewed in November 2019, this was the only option with an order button that allows a user to create an account and submit an order for academic content.

Controversy regarding previous Cyber Jam director

One of the recent directors listed on the Cyber Jam corporate documents is Michael Thomas Gordon. According to the UK corporate registry, Michael has been listed as a director of over 800 companies in the UK, most of which are no longer active. Some of the companies he is involved with have come under scrutiny from International Investment, an online finance publication, for offering potentially illegal financial advice to foreign investors.

Cyber Jam does not list their company officers or team members on their website. A few employees are linked on the Cyber Jam LinkedIn page, but none are high level or publicly accessible.

UK law does require companies to publicly disclose appointed directors and shareholders, however, so there is some insight into the ownership and high-level leadership of the company. Cyber Jam has had a revolving door of directors throughout the years, but one director, Ivan Ogarok, who is also the lone shareholder of the company, has been listed continuously from 2014 forward.


Type: Privately Held
Size: 2-10 employees
Funding: Missing funding
Founded: November, 2013


Cyber Jam Ltd
120 Baker Street, 3rd Floor
London W1U 6TU
United Kingdom

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