Snapshot overview

Premier Student Marketing LLC is a privately held company based in Delaware and incorporated in July 2015. Very little is known about this company due their lack of social media presence and the nature of Delaware corporate law.

Company story

Premier Student Marketing LLC was registered as a domestic, privately held company in Delaware in July 2015. There are no individuals listed on the corporate documents available through the Delaware Secretary of State, so it is difficult to be sure who serves as company director or who holds the equity of Premier Student Marketing LLC. As of January 2020, the company is in good standing with the state of Delaware which means that it has paid its most recent taxes.

According to records available through the Delaware secretary of state website, the only official filing ever submitted by Premier Student Marketing is its incorporation document.

People associated with Premier Student Marketing

Because Delaware state law does not require companies to publicly disclose their directors or shareholders, it is impossible to be sure who serves in these roles for Premier Student Marketing. The company does not maintain a public website or social media presence.

One particular Ukrainian web developer, Oleg Ponomarev, has listed himself on his LinkedIn profile as the system administrator for several of the websites owned by Premier Student Marketing. As of January 2020, many websites that are not known to be owned by Premier Student Marketing are also listed along with those that are known to be owned by Premier Student Marketing, in his list of projects for which he as served as system administrator.

Unconfirmed people possibly associated with Premier Student Marketing

The about page of, one of the sites owned by Premier Student Marketing, indicates that the site was started by two people: Keith Adams and Patrick Sainstbury or possibly Saintsburry, both spellings are found on the about page. Little information is offered about Patrick, but it is indicated that Keith Adams taught writing at Westmont College for six years. However, no record of a person with this name and these credentials could be found on the Westmont College website or on social media platforms, as of January 2020.

Sites owned by Premier Student Marketing LLC

As of January 2020, over a dozen different academic writing services websites are owned and operated by Premier Student Marketing LLC. Most of the sites owned by Premier Student Marketing offer support phone numbers based in both the US and the UK.

Premier Student Marketing LLC possibly acquired sites from Universal Research LLC

In many cases, the websites associated with Premier Student Marketing LLC were previously associated with Universal Research LLC, a company that has been revoked since 2007. It is not clear if these two companies involve the same people, but the sites that were associated with both over time include:


As of January 2020, Premier Student Marketing LLC has not made their directors, shareholders, or team members publicly known through either their corporate documents or a web presence. It is difficult to know who is involved with the company, though a Ukraine-based web developer, Oleg Ponomarev, lists several of the websites owned by Premier Student Marketing that he has served as system administrator for, also current as of January 2020.


Type: Privately Held
Size: Unknown employees
Funding: Unknown
Founded: July, 2015


Premier Student Marketing LLC
108 West 13th St
Wilmington, Delaware 19801
United States of America

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