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R.P. Writing Smart LTD is a Cyprus based company that operates a number of writing service websites. This company incorporated on June 23, 2014, but little else is known about them. They do not provide a public-facing website.

Company story

R.P. Writing Smart Ltd. was incorporated as a private company in Cyprus in 2014. The company's corporate documents list its aims as "consulting and more." It does not maintain a public presence on social media or through a website of its own. The company owns several academic writing services websites, though it is not clear to what degree the company is involved in the operation of these websites beyond being listed in their terms.

In late March 2016, the company registered a different address, moving it from Paphos, Cyprus to Nicosia, Cyprus. This change of address occurred shortly after ownership of the company transferred away from the company's founder, Rafaela Prokopiou, to a Belize-based company named Ignatius A.G. that is inactive as of December 2019.

Company ownership

Ownership of R.P. Writing Smart has, from its beginning until at least December 2019, been in the hands of only one person or entity at a time.

  • 2014: Rafaela Prokopiou founded R.P. Writing Smart Ltd. and was the sole shareholder.
  • 2016: In March, 100% of equity was transferred to Ignatius A.G., a now-inactive company based in Belize.
  • 2016: In May, 100% of equity was transferred to Christakis Christadolou.
  • 2016: In November, 100% of equity was transferred to Ruslan Fedorenko.

As of December 2019, Ruslan Fedorenko has remained the primary shareholder of R.P. Writing Smart since 2016 with 1,000 shares in his name and 50 shares in the name of Vassos Komodromos, the executive director of Komodromos & Co Ltd., a business consultation company also based in Cyprus.

Ruslan has also served as the director of Pro Essay Limited, another Cyprus-based company that also owns a number of academic writing services websites.

Websites owned and services offered

Most of the writing services websites owned by R.P. Writing Smart are oriented toward academic content. These include major names like, regional names like, and sites focused toward specific types of documents like

Because R.P. Writing Smart does not maintain a public presence, it is not known who is involved in the company aside from those listed on their official corporate documents. These documents indicate that the company has often had the same person serve as director, secretary, and sole shareholder.


Type: Privately Held
Size: Unknown employees
Funding: Unknown
Founded: June, 2014


R.P. Writing Smart LTD
22 Kinyras
Nicosia 2043

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